What is credit repair


What is credit repair?  It’s a good question, and for the most part it’s just that.  No coaching, no consulting, no advising.  If you are asking yourself: what is credit repair, you may be looking for a mortgage or refinance. You may be in need of something more thank just removal of incorrect, derogatory items on your credit report.  Having a firm that can offer more than just “removals” is a critical part of understanding “what is credit repair?”  Many companies simply offer a service that claims to “remove” items and the rest is up to you.  the fact is, that the removal of incorrect, derogatory items is only part of the recipe for a better, and long-lasting credit score.  Most consumers think that the “credit world” is out to get them, but the reality is that once a consumer understands exactly how the system works, it is easy to position yourself for success.  In order to attain a higher credit score, a consumer must re-establish positive lines of credit, maintain on-time payments, adjust balances on existing accounts and monitor their credit.  If you are in the market for a home or automobile, or if you are seeking a re-finance on an existing home, it may be time to ask: what is credit repair?  What is the right choice for me. Which company should I choose?  We are here to answer your questions and provide guidance and consulting for those in need of help with their credit.  Contact ACE Credit Consulting at 214-799-3484 today.