3 Reasons Why Mortgage Lenders Trust Us


Mortgage lender Whitney B. has been a partner of ours for many years now. Within the last couple of years, she’s closed about 10-15 clients after they received our credit help. On average, she estimates about 3-6 months for the amount of time our program takes for her clients to see major credit score results, although she’s had some as quick as 30 days! Over this time and after seeing many of her clients go through our program with great success, she has 3 main reasons why she trusts the experts at ACE Credit Consulting.. 

  1. We care about everyone, even those who aren’t ready for our program. Whitney is realistic on when credit repair may not be in the cards for her clients just yet. “What I love about them is that if my clients don’t need credit repair, they won’t sign them up just to get their money. You see it a lot where other credit repair companies sign them up too early, but ACE Credit Consulting doesn’t sign people up until they can really be helped. They always give their true, honest opinion.” 
  2. We make mortgage lenders like her look good. Whitney B. also appreciates how working with good partners like us helps her own credibility. “The honesty and integrity from ACE Credit Consulting is huge. I know every time I send someone to them they’ll get an honest opinion. It helps me and makes me look better as a mortgage lender that I can really trust who I refer my people to.” And trust us she should… she went through our credit repair program herself!
  3. She went through the program herself! Six years ago, Whitney B. enrolled in our program with a 423 credit score. She was in the middle of wedding planning and couldn’t even get a credit card in her name. After 4 months working with us, her credit improved to a 760! She got approved for her first credit card in 7 years, which she used to purchase her dream wedding dress. 

From previous client to current partner, we’re proud to support and work with mortgage lenders like Whitney B.