The Easy Way Loan Officers Can Earn More Business


Working in the real estate industry is complex, but the core business need always comes back to the same thing- finding new leads. Loan officers work hard to earn the business and receive leads from their local Realtors. When a Realtor does send a new lead for the first time, it’s not uncommon for them to end up unqualified. You can say bye to the lead and bye to opportunity to work with that Realtor. 

Finding the leads themselves isn’t so tough, it’s finding the qualified leads that’s getting harder and harder. But it doesn’t have to be. In the many reasons why a lead can be unqualified, poor credit is often the main culprit. Here’s the big mistake many people make: passing them over!

“If there’s something that my team can’t handle for someone’s credit, I send them to ACE Credit Consulting,” says loan officer Daphne M. “They’re very professional and do a great job with letting me know where each of my clients are [in the improvement process].”

Just because they have poor credit now doesn’t make it a lost cause.

Joe B. has been a mortgage lender for 20 years and a partner with us for the past 5. Now that he sends unqualified leads our way, he’s always amazed at how we’re able to turn things around for them. “One couple I worked with each had credit in poor shape. Both of their credit scores were in the 500s. After 4 months of working with ACE Credit Consulting, they ended in the high 600s and were able to get into a new house.” If Joe had made the common mistake of initially disregarding them, there would be no credit improvement, no approved loan and no sale. 

More leads, more sales and more business. Let us help you today!