Improving Lives by Improving Credit


Imagine you own a successful business employing more than 100 employees. Imagine you own multiple homes and also drive a Mercedes, as does your spouse. Your credit is good, your business is good, life is just good… until suddenly it isn’t. 

Current client Mike R. doesn’t have to try hard to imagine this scenario. Ten years ago, this was his life. After building the second largest mall in the U.S., the project fell through and the $3 million that was owed fell into his lap. His entire life was turned on its head.

“I couldn’t finance a gumball,” says Mike R. His life now consisted of ruined credit, a ruined marriage, and problems with the IRS. As someone used to owning 3 homes and multiple cars, a particularly low point for him was when his dad had to cosign for a new truck. “I got in touch with ACE Credit Consulting 6 to 8 months later,” recalls Mike. “A friend recommended me to them and that’s when things finally started to turn around.”

When Mike first came in, his credit was hovering around 480. After working together for 6 months, he’s now seeing improvements all the way to the 700-range! Together we are working it out with him and see only positive improvement for his credit and his life. 

With his improved credit, Mike’s life is steadily turning back around. He just bought a new condo in Florida and didn’t even require a down payment because of his good credit! Just a few months ago he wouldn’t have qualified to even purchase it. “I went through bad credit for over 10 years because of my business failing. Without knowing about ACE Credit Consulting, I’d still be struggling. Life is easier when you have good credit!”

Losing everything like Mike R. did may not be a far stretch of the imagination for you right now. Here’s some good news: you don’t have to live with this forever. Improve your life by improving your credit!