Partnering with Mortgage Lenders During the Home – Buying Process


Working for a mortgage company for 20 years will expose you to all kinds of hopeful home owners and credit histories. Joe B, branch manager at a local mortgage company, has seen it all while working hard to help his clients purchase their dream homes. Many of his clients are first-time home buyers with poor or even no credit history. Others have purchased homes before and have decent credit scores, but could still be improved to help their home-buying process. In all of these instances, he calls on his partners at Ace Credit Consulting.

Joe B. has been one of our partners for the past 5 years now. Together, we’ve seen many of his clients able to purchase their dream home because of their improved credit. One month we were able to help them close more than $700,000 in mortgages! Here are some examples of his clients we were able to help across all levels of credit scores.

  • Poor Credit: Both husband and wife came in with their credit in poor shape around the 500s. With our guidance and help, in 4 months we increased both of their scores to the high 600s! Because of their improved credit as a couple, they were able to purchase the home they still live in today.
  • Decent Credit: We improved one woman’s credit score from a 610-670… in just 14 days! Often when you have an okay score, small adjustments and improvements can be made to your credit history information that make the biggest difference! This was one of the quickest turnaround times for Joe B.’s clients and she was able to purchase her home with better terms and faster than she ever imagined.
  • Good Credit: Several of Joe B.’s clients come in with good credit scores around the 720 range. Yes, these clients can get approved for a home with no help from us, but even a slightly higher score can help them secure much lower interest rates and ultimately save money. After fixing a few credit history errors for these clients, we pushed them from good to excellent credit, getting them lower rates that will save them big in the long run. Our services aren’t just for those with low scores!

Through our partnership with lenders like Joe B., we help provide them repeat and lifelong clients, while helping these clients live in their dream homes they never thought possible.