3 Reasons Why Mortgage Lenders Should Partner with Credit Experts


Credit history is never more important than when purchasing a home. Mortgage lenders see all types of hopeful homeowners with the dream to purchase a house. Unfortunately, their credit is often in poor shape and in no place to get approved for a loan. Without ruining the dream of homeownership, there isn’t much a lender can do with a bad credit score… until they partner with ACE Credit Consulting. Here are three reasons why mortgage lenders should partner with us:

  1. More approved applications

Current mortgage lender partner Gary W. says that any time he takes an application that won’t get approved because of credit, he sends the client straight to us. After working closely with the client, Gary’s able to approve them for a loan that otherwise would have been easily denied. Our help dramatically increases the number of approved applications for these lenders.  

  1. More approvals = more buyers

What comes after getting approved for a home loan? Purchasing the home! Through our partnership with Gary W., he’s getting buyers that he wouldn’t have got in the first place- sometimes people that initially came to him with no credit at all. Most recently, we helped three of his clients purchase homes that initially didn’t qualify when he took the application- including one approval on Christmas Day. Talk about spreading Christmas cheer!

  1. Repeat clients and referrals

After helping new homeowners secure their dream home, mortgage lenders often tell us about the positive side effect of repeat business from these clients. Happy clients also like to tell others about their good experience, so it’s not unusual for our mortgage lender partners to also see an increase in referrals. 

Partnering with credit experts like ourselves truly is a win-win for the lender and for the client. Just take it from Gary W., “ACE Credit Consulting is amazing! They do a great job for me.”