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George Gomez
George Gomez
5 out of 5 stars
in the last week
I am a mortgage loan officer and I sent a client to Ace Credit and they did a phenomenal job!...
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Kelsey Acosta
Kelsey Acosta
5 out of 5 stars
3 weeks ago
I work closely with Dena Hall and Eric Gomez over at ACE credit solutions. I send all my clients their...
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Success Stories

Our client came to us frustrated and told she was not ready for a home loan. She wanted to utilize her Veteran home loan, but her credit score wasn't where she needed to be. Biggs Realty Agent, Rainer Thomas, referred her to our team for assistance. Our team gave our client a very detailed roadmap to ensure we could knock this out as fast as we possibly could.

In 37 DAYS, she was ready for her home loan! We had increased her 94 points across all 3 bureaus. She has moved into her own newly constructed home with her fiance. What a beautiful way to start a New Year and new life together!

Special shoutout to our affiliates, Rainer Thomas of Biggs Realty and Whitney Barsalou at SWBC Mortgage, for always making the transaction amazing for the client. We are grateful for our partnership with you both and happy we could assist our new friends into their new home together.

Today we congratulate our Veteran client on his new home approval. Our single dad's world had been flipped upside down by his credit!

He told us, "It all started when I was 18 years old. I got bad advice and my credit was destroyed. To make it worse, when I left the military with all of my training, I could only choose from 5 jobs available because of my credit even though my smarts qualified me for EVERY job. I have been paying cash for everything, I don't even know what good credit looks like anymore. I just want something for my son to have. I am so tired of renting and paying my landlord."

Fast forward to today and see his review below. It is our privilege to congratulate our single veteran dad on approval of his VA home loan. Thank you so much for trusting the process with Raquel.

When this client came to ACE Credit Consulting, she told us she was HOPELESS. Our client was a renter for 6 years. She had applied several times and tried to improve her credit on her own for many years. Repeatedly, she was denied, told no, and frustrated, leading to her hopelessness.

She expressed desire to change! She said that she wanted to break the cycle for her daughter and teach her to be better. She wanted to succeed for her daughter, and have something for themselves that they deserved.

We were confident in her determination, and gave her a road map of responsibilities to follow during her restoration.

THE CYCLE HAS BEEN BROKEN! Her score went from a 549 mid score to a 639. She is now credit score qualified for the home of her dreams.

The bottom line? LIFE HAPPENS!

Some of us may suffer the effects of a divorce, layoff or loss of income, failed business attempts, identity theft, medical issues, or even just making bad decisions.

If you think that your credit reports may have inaccurate, unverifiable, erroneous, obsolete, or duplicate information, we may be able to help.

We are the ones people call when their credit is less than perfect and other companies (or bad advice) haven’t given them the lifestyle they deserve. Find out what ACE can do for you TODAY.

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