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We are very experienced with consumer, business and mortgage credit. We assist bad credit applicants in getting homes loans, we have credit cards for bad credit applicants, credit repair will assist as well in increasing your scores, we even have mortgage loan officers that will work with bad credit home loans. Call us at 888.666.0108.


Credit education and correction is legal and the law is on your side. We help and guide you from start to finish and we prepare all of the documentation for the various credit agencies.


Our fees are reasonable and there are NO long binding contracts. We help you to work with your files until it is done.


We first start by evaluating your entire credit report. Based on your frustrations and your goals, we then tailor a solution that will not only boost your credit score as quickly as possible, but raise your credit score as high as possible. This is accomplished via our decades of experience in auditing not only the credit bureaus, but original creditors and collection companies as well.

Positive Account Strategy

This is where most companies fail. Your success is dependent not only on the removal of inaccurate, unverifiable items, but also closely tied to re-establishing and the correct management of your positive accounts. Have you tried applying for a credit card? Are you feeling defeated when everyone tells you “no?” Our analysts ensure that each and every client is able to obtain new lines of credit that will serve them well over the years to come.

Financial/Credit literacy

This is the crucial part that most companies leave out. Your Financial/credit education. The reason there is so much inaccurate information on how credit works is due to the lack of correct education. There is no class that is offered in grade school, high school, or college on what to do and what not to do with your credit. This is the third and most crucial part of our process. Be armed with the knowledge to protect your credit for years to come.


Follow up/Follow through

A dedicated analyst is assigned to ensure that your credit is under careful observation from enrollment to homeownership. A typical client in our credit restoration program receives on average five personal interactions with their credit analysis on a monthly basis. This eliminates the frustration of talking to a different person every time you call.


Are you tired of being turned down or not getting the interest rate that you want?

Let our unmatched knowledge and experience guide you through credit profile and score improvement. Don’t let another day pass you by!



How long will it take to raise my score?

Through our services, 93% of our clients see their credit score increase 10 points or more in the first 35 days. Over the full 180-day term of the contract, the average credit score increase is 80 points. See full statistical breakdown.

Why are your results different?

There are two sides to the credit score battle. Sometimes, the creditors and the credit bureaus have done absolutely everything right and we have no case against them. On average, clients are able to remove 70% of the negative items from a credit report.

Will the removed items come back?

Items cannot come back as long as the item is current or paid at the time of removal or if the collection is older than three years. This holds true except in very rare circumstances.

What can you help remove and improve?

With our assistance and document processing, our clients have had great success with bankruptcies, foreclosures, collections, charge-offs, repossessions, medical bills, credit card debt, inquiries, late payments, old addresses, judgments, tax liens and student loans.


Our experts have succesfully helped clients with …

  • Bankruptcies
  • Repossessions
  • Tax Liens
  • Inaccuracies
  • Inquiries
  • Late Payments
  • Charge-Off’s
  • Collections
  • Judgements
  • Foreclosures